S. Bean Nic Aodha – a teacher’s journey

Dia dhuit

My name is Siobhán and I’m a primary school student teacher studying at Hibernia College. I hail from Dublin and this is my little space on the internet for me to document my journey as a student teacher!

I’ve always had the travel bug from America, Canada, Europe to my most recent years living in Australia I know the value of learning outside the classroom. The experiences and adventures I had, the different people I met, the independence and maturity I gained will hopefully benefit in this course and in my teaching career.

Life Down Under
Travelling Indonesia

Exploring New Zealand

Hopefully through my blog posts, videos, photos and resources I can look back on my growth as a teacher, and maybe even help other students.

Teacher identity task: What kind of teacher do you want to become?

Here we have one of our first ‘hands-on’ tasks during orientation. We were asking to create a visual representation reflecting what kind of teacher we’d like to become.